“Call Me”

You’ve never seen an ad for a phone sex hotline hornier than any one of Christy‘s photos. Every shot’s a boner-maker. Christy has that rare talent of making the onlooker feel that she is communicating directly to him. (Chloe Vevrier and Lorna Morgan have this quality.) No girl has won Model of the Year two years straight but if anyone had a chance, it would have been Miss Marks. Early on in the voting, it looked like Karina’s year. That said, Christy winning the SCORELAND Model of the Decade contest, beating out Karina in another, even tougher race, was a significant event. Christy‘s erudite co-star Angela White observed on the BLOG that Christy “really has changed the world of big tits. It’s difficult to tell whether SCORELANDERS are becoming more accepting of ‘their’ fantasy women getting fucked by other guys or whether Christy is just so damn hot, amazing and personable that they can ‘forgive’ her for fucking other men (ha ha ha! yeah, ’cause it’s such a big problem, right! But you know what I mean, with the whole fantasy of the model being a reader’s own plaything). In any case, Christy has clearly won the heart, cock and cunt of all the SCORELANDERS!” And now on to Christy‘s dial-a-hottie pictures!


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